Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Level Up Your Home With Modern Curtains

As time goes by and life got much progress, we changed the thoughts of life and do our best to have a better life. We pay more attention to home decoration, even a set of curtain level up the stated of a home. For example the modern curtains are more and more popular for young people, especially for those who living in big city. Modern curtains are well accepted by us.


Modern curtains rich your life

When you visit a house, home decoration is certainly being the first thing you want to take a look. Now more people are prefer to modern curtains, if you are one the them, surely you know that modern curtains ( are good idea makes our room more attractive and charming. And the many patterns and shapes of modern curtains combines variety elements give your room an unique and extra special look for home decoration. Both design idea and workmanship are the best to show you its best functional and decorative qualities.

modern curtains

Modern curtains are perfect choice for your interiors

It is very important to choose a right perfect curtain for home decoration. And modern curtains are the best choice with which to make your room look elegant, impressed your friend with modern curtains in the room to show your taste and individual. If you have no idea what curtains would be right for home decoration, why not have a try on modern curtains? The patterns and colors of modern curtains can fit any furniture and room style. Just take one back home that would not let you down.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Unique room decor: vintage curtain

Curtain is an essential part for home decoration which can keep room dark by shading light and make room look more beautiful and attractive. Working all curtain purposes for home decor and meeting what people want. Decorative purpose create a specially room atmosphere. People nowadays are prefer to different styled home decor such as the vintage curtain, with which to make an unique room.


European vintage curtain originated in France meaning of romantic representation. Combination of luxurious and classy, inherited classical style of proportion. dimensions and composition idea. Vintage curtain is a representation of simplify the complex and abstract decoration for home decor. Silk, taffeta, chenille and velvet can be used to make vintage curtain for those fabrics representation of luxurious and have variety patterns..

More and more people buy villa that increasing vintage curtain to be in great demand. Living in villa look like you are living in small town and enjoying a best life experience. Because of this, rustic curtain become more and more popular. The most typical representative of rustic curtain is British country curtain and American country curtain. For British country curtain mainly made from floral cotton material in pure color which can easily highlight designer’ ability while American country curtain refer to the enthusiasm.

vintage curtain

Simple modern vintage curtain is know by all people around for its natural and concise. With means of actively life attitude.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Blue patterned curtain provides you romantic room style for home decor

Different curtain has different advantage for home decoration. Curtain color, light shading function and air permeability qualities are need to consider to when doing curtain selection. Curtain color and style must fit what room style it to have good overlook for interior decor. Blue curtain is most popular for many people for which represents to romantic meaning. At the same time, blue curtain makes room cooler than others in summer when using for home decoration.


Paying attention to seasonal changes and different room's owner to choose different curtain. Light green and blue colored curtains are fresh and natural appearance for home decor with which people have good mood and feel comfortable. Opposite to dark color, a long time after using dark colored curtain, people feel uncomfortable because of the oppression of feeling. And too dark color to bad to sleep and hard for health.

blue patterned curtain

Furthermore, curtain fabric is need to pay attention to when doing curtain purchasing. Light sheer pieces are good for summer such as light blue patterned curtain while cotton fabric curtain is great idea for winter.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Light blue shower curtain help you enjoy more fun

Blue color is popular for many people, especially he sky blue or light blue. Because of blue color symbolize to the sky and the ocean, symbolizing the forever open-minded quality, therefor, more and more people purchase light blue shower curtain for bathroom decor. With which to help people enjoy more fun look like people is swimming in the sea when taking shower.

If there is a big tub indoor, a light blue shower curtain hanging up outside providing cool feel. Light blue curtain is symbolize to young and broad ocean without end in sight. Imagine you are laying in the tub relax while enjoying the quiet and calm to relax your mind and body leisurely. If there is shower style, draw down the shower curtain with watering sound that sounds like there the sea waves are around you.


Lots of people decorate their bathroom with light blue shower curtain to enjoy the ocean surrounding at home. Nautical patterns are add to. It is said that things are limited but imagination is infinitely. Depending on your like and pick up the right items for home decoration to make an ocean in your home. Why not have to try?

light blue shower curtain

Thursday, February 5, 2015

How to choose living room curtains for yourself?

Among the curtains decoration, they respectively play to protect privacy, the use of light, decoration and soundproof insulation effect. According to the seriousness of his role, the choice of the curtain and there are a lot of different combination.
For a family, who all don't like his every move in the sight of others. In this sense, different indoor area, it focus on the degree of privacy and have different standards.Sitting room public activity area, this kind of family members to the requirement of privacy are low, most of the family living room are pulled open the curtain, living room curtains ( are in most cases in a state of decoration. For the bedroom, bathroom and other areas, people require not only could not see, and even can't see the shadow. This creates a different area of living room curtains to choose different questions. The living room we may select one partial transparent material, while the bedroom chooses thick qualitative cloth.

From: modern curtains uk of Luxurious Floral Patterns
Actually the principle of protection of privacy, or from the aspects of blocking the light. Here the use of light, refers to the protection of privacy, effective use of the light. The bedroom of a layer, for example, you don't like somebody else walked up and down all see indoor movements. But living room curtains and affect the natural lighting. So similar to the gauze shade of the light curtain was born.
cheap grey curtains with Embroidery and Jacquard for Living Room
From: cheap grey curtains with Embroidery and Jacquard for Living Room
The curtain for many ordinary families, is one of the biggest ornamental. It is for some of the "4 white be born," some of the brands in the family, apart from a few picture frame, they may curtain left the things on the wall, the choice of the curtain is beautiful or not, may often has a pivotal role, for households hardcover, it appropriate curtain will make household more beautiful and personality.
We know that the sound transmission parts, high is the spread of the straight line, and windows for high is also very high. So with proper thickness of the curtain, it will be able to improve the indoor acoustic reverberation effect. We have to absorb some noise from the outside and improve the interior sound environment.
living room curtains

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The cleaning and maintenance of curtains

As to the curtains, we could clean them every half a year, if you choose the normal fabric, then we could use the wet cloth to rib it, but if it is easy to grab the fabric, then we could wash it without the water, at the same time, if it is linen or other fabric, then we could use some soap to rib it, after cooling it, then we could put it away, at the same time, when we use the velvet fabric, then could sink it in the soap water, then we could push it, after you washing it, then we could make it cool, which could make it very clean, after we wash it, then we could make the curtains very pretty, at the same time, if you choose the blackout curtains (, they are not easy to be dirty, you don’t need to wash it, you had better not sink it in water and scrub it, you always could rib it, at the same time, we could not make it simple in the fabric, then it could influence the appearance.

Polyester Fabric Bedroom Romantic Purple Blackout Curtains

European Style Floral Printed Colorful Sound Absorption Curtains of Chenille

Blackout silk Flowers Children's Room Curtains

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At the same time, as to the wash of hemline and scarf of the curtains, we could use the water to make it wet, then you could add the soap water and wash it, then wash them with the detergent water and soap, you had better notice that, the shawl curtains had better not with the machine, especially the thin shawl like this, you could directly use the warm water and soap to wash them, this would be great!

If you want to wash the soft curtains, you could use the cloth to wash them, at the same time, some parts are combined with the glue, we had notice that, the curtains would not wash with the curtains, if the curtains could prevent water itself, then you don’t need worry about it, when we wash the curtains, you had better pull it down and rib it with the cloth, then the dust would be cleared totally, at the same time, you could use the rod with the cloth and roll it, which could be a best method.

The above is the tips of cleaning and maintenance of curtains, hope these could help you a little.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

How to choose a seasonable curtain

How to make the life become more active and colorful in the early autumn season? We can change the color of the curtains and figure and make the whole living environment more comfortable. The choice of the curtain is very important; it should not only ensure the light can penetrate, but also ensure keep the privacy. How to choose a season curtain?

In this season, choose a green curtain is very occasional. Green curtains can make the light penetrate conveniently. If the selection of flax material, it will give people relax and natural feeling. The material of the curtains is different, and different material will give the different feeling. If you choose a chiffon material, the curtains will pendant to the window, and give people the transparent feeling. If it is the cotton fabric, air permeability will be very good, which is very suitable for using at this season, they will also give people the light feeling. Silk fabric is very soft and comfortable, it is touched soft and light, and it is the first choice of this season. You should choose the proper material of the curtain based on the necessarily.


Green curtain is absolutely the first choice of the early autumn, the green curtains with the blue sofa for three people can make whole room level richer, you still can choose a small area of the yellow, such as cushion or tea table, this can make the well-being of two colors collide and produce the beautiful spark. Sunlight orange matches with lake green, it is a lively color and elegant color, the collision can produce beat all the beauty. The room also can choose to adopt green cloth art sofa placed in the bedroom to cleverly echo, color combination is very good, plus furniture soft texture, it will make a bedroom feel very comfortable.

window coverings curtains of Floral and Polka Dot Printed Patterns with Lace

It is well known that the pink will give the feeling of the pastoral style, and if we want to decorate the room to be full of the princess feeling, we always choose the floral curtains or pink curtains. Actually, sometimes the green curtains also can make this feeling, especially the bright green curtain with the small follower patterns printed on it. Green elegant can make people feel calm, and small floral mix together with a unique pastoral style, can let the charm and pure coexist, this season is very good choice.