Thursday, January 15, 2015

The cleaning and maintenance of curtains

As to the curtains, we could clean them every half a year, if you choose the normal fabric, then we could use the wet cloth to rib it, but if it is easy to grab the fabric, then we could wash it without the water, at the same time, if it is linen or other fabric, then we could use some soap to rib it, after cooling it, then we could put it away, at the same time, when we use the velvet fabric, then could sink it in the soap water, then we could push it, after you washing it, then we could make it cool, which could make it very clean, after we wash it, then we could make the curtains very pretty, at the same time, if you choose the blackout curtains (, they are not easy to be dirty, you don’t need to wash it, you had better not sink it in water and scrub it, you always could rib it, at the same time, we could not make it simple in the fabric, then it could influence the appearance.

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At the same time, as to the wash of hemline and scarf of the curtains, we could use the water to make it wet, then you could add the soap water and wash it, then wash them with the detergent water and soap, you had better notice that, the shawl curtains had better not with the machine, especially the thin shawl like this, you could directly use the warm water and soap to wash them, this would be great!

If you want to wash the soft curtains, you could use the cloth to wash them, at the same time, some parts are combined with the glue, we had notice that, the curtains would not wash with the curtains, if the curtains could prevent water itself, then you don’t need worry about it, when we wash the curtains, you had better pull it down and rib it with the cloth, then the dust would be cleared totally, at the same time, you could use the rod with the cloth and roll it, which could be a best method.

The above is the tips of cleaning and maintenance of curtains, hope these could help you a little.

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