Sunday, September 6, 2015

Blue patterned curtain provides you romantic room style for home decor

Different curtain has different advantage for home decoration. Curtain color, light shading function and air permeability qualities are need to consider to when doing curtain selection. Curtain color and style must fit what room style it to have good overlook for interior decor. Blue curtain is most popular for many people for which represents to romantic meaning. At the same time, blue curtain makes room cooler than others in summer when using for home decoration.


Paying attention to seasonal changes and different room's owner to choose different curtain. Light green and blue colored curtains are fresh and natural appearance for home decor with which people have good mood and feel comfortable. Opposite to dark color, a long time after using dark colored curtain, people feel uncomfortable because of the oppression of feeling. And too dark color to bad to sleep and hard for health.

blue patterned curtain

Furthermore, curtain fabric is need to pay attention to when doing curtain purchasing. Light sheer pieces are good for summer such as light blue patterned curtain while cotton fabric curtain is great idea for winter.