Saturday, September 27, 2014

How to choose a seasonable curtain

How to make the life become more active and colorful in the early autumn season? We can change the color of the curtains and figure and make the whole living environment more comfortable. The choice of the curtain is very important; it should not only ensure the light can penetrate, but also ensure keep the privacy. How to choose a season curtain?

In this season, choose a green curtain is very occasional. Green curtains can make the light penetrate conveniently. If the selection of flax material, it will give people relax and natural feeling. The material of the curtains is different, and different material will give the different feeling. If you choose a chiffon material, the curtains will pendant to the window, and give people the transparent feeling. If it is the cotton fabric, air permeability will be very good, which is very suitable for using at this season, they will also give people the light feeling. Silk fabric is very soft and comfortable, it is touched soft and light, and it is the first choice of this season. You should choose the proper material of the curtain based on the necessarily.


Green curtain is absolutely the first choice of the early autumn, the green curtains with the blue sofa for three people can make whole room level richer, you still can choose a small area of the yellow, such as cushion or tea table, this can make the well-being of two colors collide and produce the beautiful spark. Sunlight orange matches with lake green, it is a lively color and elegant color, the collision can produce beat all the beauty. The room also can choose to adopt green cloth art sofa placed in the bedroom to cleverly echo, color combination is very good, plus furniture soft texture, it will make a bedroom feel very comfortable.

window coverings curtains of Floral and Polka Dot Printed Patterns with Lace

It is well known that the pink will give the feeling of the pastoral style, and if we want to decorate the room to be full of the princess feeling, we always choose the floral curtains or pink curtains. Actually, sometimes the green curtains also can make this feeling, especially the bright green curtain with the small follower patterns printed on it. Green elegant can make people feel calm, and small floral mix together with a unique pastoral style, can let the charm and pure coexist, this season is very good choice.