Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Unique room decor: vintage curtain

Curtain is an essential part for home decoration which can keep room dark by shading light and make room look more beautiful and attractive. Working all curtain purposes for home decor and meeting what people want. Decorative purpose create a specially room atmosphere. People nowadays are prefer to different styled home decor such as the vintage curtain, with which to make an unique room.


European vintage curtain originated in France meaning of romantic representation. Combination of luxurious and classy, inherited classical style of proportion. dimensions and composition idea. Vintage curtain is a representation of simplify the complex and abstract decoration for home decor. Silk, taffeta, chenille and velvet can be used to make vintage curtain for those fabrics representation of luxurious and have variety patterns..

More and more people buy villa that increasing vintage curtain to be in great demand. Living in villa look like you are living in small town and enjoying a best life experience. Because of this, rustic curtain become more and more popular. The most typical representative of rustic curtain is British country curtain and American country curtain. For British country curtain mainly made from floral cotton material in pure color which can easily highlight designer’ ability while American country curtain refer to the enthusiasm.

vintage curtain

Simple modern vintage curtain is know by all people around for its natural and concise. With means of actively life attitude.

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